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NOVELTY! Sleek Brows eye brow reconstruction

This revolutionary 3D eye brow reconstruction system allows complement both partial hair loss as well as the complete reconstruction of the eye brow curve. This treatment consists of two techniques which can be applied both  separate as well as combined:

  • building technique – based on gluing single piece of hair wherever possible, hair colour is adjusted to the natural colour of the eye brows. This method can be used by people who have their natural eye brows , but would like to change their shape or  thicken them
  • sculpting technique – drawing single piece of hair with the use of a special type of dye  same as the colour of the brows directly on the surface of the skin. This method is used with people who either do not have their own eye brows or they suffer from a partial loss of hair. What is more important the serum included in the product enables additional faster growth of the natural eye brow hair.

As a result we achieve full, smudge and water-resistant, beautifully styled eye brows which perfect shape will last for 3-4 weeks.

Care taking:

In order for the Sleek Brows reconstruction effect to last as long as possible you should follow the below rules:

-          for the first 24h you should avoid a prolonged soaking of the eye brows with water (it is not advisable to use dry or steam sauna or be exposed to sun tanning)

-          eye brow rubbing, scratching or pulling is not advisable as an excessive interference may cause  reduction of the extended eye brows or faster deterioration of the pigment from the skin

-          it is also not advised to use greasy, oily preparations directly on the eye brows as this may soften the rebuilt structure of the eye brows and lead to a more rapid loss of them 

open skin wounds, skin irritation, inflammation, active acne, rush, sun burns, skin directly exposed to chemical peeling or microdermabrasion


Actually we do building method, which is the most satisfying for our Clients                 120zł

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