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Post-application care

  • 4 hours after both the application as well as the ‘follow-up’ any contact with water either in liquid (tears) or volatile state (steam) should be avoided. It is necessary for the glue to dry perfectly on the eyelashes without them being stuck together.
  • 2 days after the application contact with water should be limited. It means avoiding longer exposure to water or steam not to destroy the glue bonding. During this time you should refrain from going to sauna, swimming pool, snorkelling and do not attend any cosmetic treatments with the use of vapozone.

After that time the eyelashes are ideally protected against water, steam as well as high and low temperatures, so there is no need to avoid contact with those factors.

  • Everyday care of the artificial eyelashes consists of limited interference with them. They should not be rubbed, excessively touched and combed. This could lead to crumbling of the glue or falling off of the base of artificial eyelash from the natural one.
  • Regarding the eye care it is the best to exclude all the products that contain oil or fat. They can lead to significant decrease in bonging properties of the glue followed by massive falling out of the artificial eyelashes. For make-up removal it is the best to use products based on foam, water or gel.
  • Artificial eyelashes give the effect of extension, thickening and curling resulting in lack of need to use mascara. If however required mascara can be applied providing that it is not water-resistant. Otherwise such mascara can only be removed with the use of oil products that resolve the glue. You have to also keep in mind that make-up removal (i.e. rubbing) can shorten the life-span of the artificial eyelashes.
  • After artificial eyelash application it is also not allowed to use eyelash curler or perform permanent treatment to the eyelashes as this kind of activity can damage not only artificial, but natural eyelashes as well.

Retail products for the customers

In order to reinforce and extend the durability of the artificial eyelash effect it is recommended to use VIP-lashes brand products created especially for its care. They include:

  • Lash comb                                30 PLN
    Enables you to precisely comb and style your eyelashes
  • Protein remover                       90 PLN
    Oil-free product for removing make-up from the gentle parts of eyes causing no irritation or weeping an also no weakness to the durability of the artificial eyelashes

  • Lash coating                            95 PLN
    Colourless product nourishing natural eyelashes, curling and making artificial ones gleam and at the same time reinforcing the glue bonding structures extending the lasting of the effect

  • Power black lash coating        95 PLN
    Black coloured product with a brush and nourishing influence on the natural eyelashes, curling one to the artificial ones and extending the durability effect as well as protecting the artificial eyelashes from the dampness and dust

  • Coating mascara                     100 PLN
    Water-based mascara gently underlining the extension, curling and thickening of eyelashes and not sticking them together

  • Volume-up mascara                100 PLN
    Water-based mascara increasing the volume of the artificial eyelashes making them thicker, longer and curlier
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