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BRAND NEW! MYscara: semi-permanent mascara

MYscara ensures beautifully applied mascara with water-resistant, smudge-free eye lashes even up to 3 weeks! Same as in the case of natural mascara the amount of applications determines the final effect:

  •  natural (gentle underlining)
  •  or more distinctive (increased thickening and density) 


MYscara is, however, lighter than traditional mascara thus does not  overload natural eye lashes. It characterises with deep, distinctive black while at the same time maintaining flexibility crucial for proper growth of the eye lashes. It is completely water-resistant and for this reason it is perfect for people actively using the swimming pools or fitness centres.

There is no need to remove it and reapply daily which saves time to overworked people as well as those with small children or often travelling in business trips. MYscara is also a natural complementing of the 1:1 eye lash extension treatment. When using it on the lower eye lashes the problem of applying mascara to them to equalise the effect disappears.

After 3 weeks MYscara should be removed in a certified salon and reapplied afterwards


-           as an ideal complementation of 1:1 eye lash extension treatment – no need to worry about putting mascara on lower eyelashes for equalising the effect

-          for active, overworked, professionally developing people open to innovative treatments

-          for people using sauna, fitness centres

-          for weddings, holidays, business trips etc.

           upper eyelashes           120 PLN
           lower eyelashes             50 PLN



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