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1:1 Method

Extending your eyelashes using ‘one-to-one’ method is currently the most modern way of eyelash extension, thickening and curling. The effect is an extremely natural one as the artificial eyelashes are very light and resemble those growing on your eyelid. Eyelash extensions treatment is suitable for people of any age who long for beautiful looks 24 hours a day. It is a perfect solution for ladies whose eyelashes are short, thin and without curl and also who wear eye lenses or value their own time. Undisputable advantage of artificial eyelashes is the lack of necessity to use mascara and as a result great time-saving during morning making-up and evening removing of it. The limitation of everyday rubbing of gentle areas of eyes also plays significant part and is in turn visible in smoothing of the wrinkles. While wearing artificial eyelashes you can forget about rapid loosing of ‘tutfs’ of eyelashes or breaking them by using the eyelash curler. They are water-, sweat- and tear-resistant so you can swim, suntan with them on which makes them ideal for every single day as well as special occasions.


Application procedure

The application consists of sticking with the use of specially prepared glue single artificial eyelash to the natural one. The outcome is a set of approx. 200 eyelashes. The natural eyelashes fall out every day as it is a result of their life cycle which last for 6-10 weeks. The natural eyelash falls out with an attached artificial one and a new, young eyelash takes its place. After about 3-5 weeks from the application day half of the eyelashes, approx. 100, are left. It is a perfect time to perform the so called ‘follow-up’. The service includes sticking artificial eyelashes to new, young eyelashes in order to maintain the extension and thickening effect obtained during the first application.

The artificial eyelash extensions application lasts for 2-2.5 hours on average and is preceded by a detailed consultation with the customer. The materials for eyelash extensions as well as their length, thickness and curl are chosen based on the customer’s expectations, shape of face and the eyes and also the condition of natural eyelashes. The duration of ‘follow-up’ service depends on the amount of eyelashes added and is between 0.5-2 hours.
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