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Permanent make-up


The permanent make-up using the hair (feather) manual method in currently the most up to date and natural way to correct the shape of the eye brows and draw permanent lines on upper and lower eyelid. At present this is the most gentle form of pigmentation based on delicate puncturing of the tissue and not tearing it as it happens in the case of single-needle method.

Pigmentation is an innovative method which:
       -          is practically painless, usually compared to insect bite
       -          causes only minor irritation, reddening and swallowing on the skin as well as minimal exudation of blood and
             lymph even straight after the treatment
       -          eliminates the occurrence of post-treatment scabs
       -          shows short healing time
       -      and even exfoliation of the epidermis without spots or

The treatment is performed by a well-trained linergist with many years of professional experience. The earlier consulting determines the exact shape of eye brows/lines expected and possible to be achieved at the same time. 
The durability of the permanent make-up is estimated to be between 1.5 up to 3 years taking into account various factors such as earlier use other pigmentation methods on multiple occasions, the age of the customer, individual immune system etc.

Disposable, 100% sterile needles guarantee the complete safety of the treatment. Pigments used in the treatment are safe for the skin and have all EU required  accreditation and certificates.

The feather method is so perfect that it is extremely difficult to distinguish whether it is a make-up or natural eye brows.  Its qualities have been recognised by women around the world. 
See for yourself!

EYE BROWS - outcome 1 month after





Upper line - outcomeon the day of treatment

Upper line - outcome 1 month after the treatment



Eye brows


·      Partial complement of eye brows                          500 PLN

Sometimes it is sufficient to draw only few pieces of hair to give the eye brows a beautiful shape. The treatment is recommended to people whose eye brows are symmetric, however in certain places they are lighter or grow more scarcely


·      Complete eye brow covering                                  800 PLN

The treatment aimed at equalising the eye brows asymmetry by drawing thin, naturally-looking lines on their whole surface. Optical darkening of the existing hair allows to forget about henna application for many months.


·      Eye brow curve reconstruction                               1000 PLN

Used for people whose natural eye brows do not grow at all or are thin and hardly visible. The treatment’s goal is to create equal, symmetric and natural eye brow curve by drawing hair on the entire surface of the eye brows. The result is extremely natural and ideally matches the face features.



Upper line


·      Eye lash line thickening                                              350 PLN

The application of the pigment in eye brow line. The eye frame gets darkened and the eye brows become more visible. The treatment optically increases the volume of natural eye lashes growing from the upper eye lid. 


·      Regular line                                                                 450 PLN

Drawing of a permanent, visible line delicately overlapping the eye lash line extending from the inner to the outer eye corner


·      Stylised line                                                                 500 PLN

The regular line crowned with a delicate line curve towards the outer eye corner. It is used for eye shape correction, levelling  the falling upper eye lid effect or emphasising the flirty look


·      Additional thickening                                                  +100 PLN



Lower Line


·      Eye lash line thickening                                              300 PLN

The pigment application only in the eye lash line. This treatment in no way decreases the size of the eye, but only optically increases the volume of the eye lashes growing from the lower eye lid


·      Regular line                                                                 350 PLN

Drawing a permanent, visible line delicately overlapping the eye lash line on their entire surface or only at the outer corner


·      Stylised line                                                                 400 PLN

The regular line crowned with a delicate line decrease at the outer corner. The treatment aimed at the so called ‘eye opening’


·       Additional thickening                                                 +100 PLN



*The price applies to both eyes / brows as such and it includes the first correction free of charge!

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