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Hand care

Manicure (biological or with the use of cuticle pliers or drilling machine)

  • Mani Classic    55 PLN
    Treatment containing basic elements of manicure: nails and cuticles work and moisturising cream
  • Mani Spa         65 PLN
    Extended treatment containing nails and cuticles work, massage with aromatic peeling and nourishing butter. It makes the hand skin shine, more moisturised, elastic resulting in being velvet in touch
  • Titanic Manicure                      NOVELTY IN POLAND - 2014 HIT !!!

    US hit – now available in our salon! Innovative method of nail styling without the need to use UV

    lamp, with the use of titanic durability powders lasting for up to 4 weeks. It is a perfect alternative for gel, acrylic and hybrid nails. The contents of vitamins A, E, D3, B5 and calcium enable gradual strengthening of the natural nail plate. With every visit the nails which are damaged, thin and fragile become more and more thick, healthy and injury resistant. Titanium peroxide contained in the powders acts as UVA/UVB filter and benzoyl peroxide has disinfect qualities. What is even more important the nails covered with titanium stay as thin as the ones painted with a regular nail polish, they do not chip off, break and can be removed on your own at home with the use of acetone remover.

    Colour                                       100 PLN
                         French                                      110 PLN
                          + strengthening                         +30 PLN
                          + extension                              +55 PLN

  • Hybrid Manicure - gel nail paint               "2010 INNOVATION" AWARD
    Innovative soak off nail paint. A compromise between nail painting and covering it with gel. It combines both the simplicity of applying a regular nail polish to the nail plate and colour resistance even up to 3-4 weeks. In contrast to gel, however, it does not give the sense of being artificial, it does not chip off, break or does not get pulled up by the air. Gelish nail polish is completely safe for the natural nail plate, it allows it to breathe and grow healthily which keeps it in perfect shape even after a long time or wearing it. It can be removed with a special preparation within only 15 minutes. It can be applied to both natural nails as well as extended ones using any of the known techniques.

     Mani Classic + Gelish 1 colour                     85 PLN
           Mani Classic + Gelish French                      95 PLN
           Gel nail paint removal                                  25 PLN
                                    - in case of manicure        
    +15 PLN

  • Japanese Manicure         75 PLN
    Modern treatment strengthening the natural nails giving them at the same time delicate, silky and durable shine. It is combined with classic manicure and consist of rubbing a special, nourishing paste into the nail plate and afterwards strengthening the effect with the use of powder whose additional task is to protect the nails from external factors such as water and detergents. The paste nourishes the nail plate with the natural, highly condensed ingredients: vitamins A, E, H, provitamin B5, keratin, bee powder and  Japanese Sea silica. The treatment:

                     -          visibly stimulates the blood circulation supporting the healthy growth of the nails

                     -          prevents from nail deterioration and splitting by enriching nails with nutritious ingredients

                     -          affects the water-fat nail plate balance

                     -          can be used for both male and female

    Japanese manicure is specially recommended to people with uneven, fragile, breakable, splitting/stratifying nail plate. 
    The effect of the treatment lasts for approx. 2-3 weeks. After that period it is strongly advisable to perform complementation by putting the paste in the regrowth spot. In order for the strengthening treatment to have the desired effect it needs to be applied at least throughout one, full nail plate growth cycle. 

    The Japanese manicure treatment can be an alternative for covering the nail with gel or acrylic.

  • Mani Men        55 PLN
    Manicure for men appreciating the value of hand care. The treatment levels and clears off the nail plate from the excess of cuticles at the same time smoothing and moisturising the skin of hands
  • Mani Little Lady (up till the age of 11)    40 PLN
    Fancy manicure designed for young ladies including nail work, painting with decoration and aromatic balm

    Services supplementary to manicure treatment:
    +1 colour +15 PLN
    + French/American +25 PLN
    + conditioner +5 PLN
    + nail plate polishing +20 PLN
    + decoration from 5  PLN
    + Swarovski rhinestone

    1 PLN

  • Nail painting
    1 colour 25 PLN
    French / American    35 PLN
    5 PLN


Fingernail styling – gel method

Ideal solution for women whose nails are weak, fragile, split and breakable and as well as for the ladies taking care of the perfect look of their hands. Always thin, resistant and looking natural. Based on the effect expectation the following options are available:

  • Nail plate strengthening
    Natural nails 100 PLN
    French/American 120 PLN
    Colour 130 PLN
    Camouflage +20 PLN
    Nail Art

    individually agreed price

  • Nail extension based on form or tips
    Natural nails 130 PLN
    French/American 150 PLN
    Colour 160 PLN
    Camouflage +20 PLN
    Nail Art

    individually agreed price

  • 1 nail replacement        15 PLN
  • Nail filing                       20 PLN
  • Gel removal                   50 PLN

Nourishing hand treatments

Due to the content of highly condensed active factors they effectively improve the state of dry hand skin restoring its proper moisturising and smoothness

  • Paraffin wax           30 PLN
    Therapeutic qualities of the paraffin wax are well-known for centuries. It warms up the skin pleasantly, opens up the pores and as a result increases the absorption of active ingredients into the deeper layers of epidermis making the hands more firm and balancing their colouring
  • Cream mask            30 PLN
    The contents of the root of comfrey intensively influences the level of hydration of separate parts of epidermis all the way down to its deepest layers, maintaining the feeling of comfort for many days
  • Algae mask             35 PLN
    The presence of numerous vitamins, flavonoids and minerals nourishes, oxygenates and smoothes out the hand skin, counteracting the aging process of the skin and lighting up its colouring. The regenerating serum used during the treatment additionally enhances the effect
  • Hand massage        35 PLN
    Stimulates the circulation, opens up the pores and increases the absorption of the nutrients contained in the care preparations. Moreover it brings in the nice feeling of rest and relaxation

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