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Revolutionary Sleek brows 3D eye brow reconstruction method available in Krakow since September 2014 only at our place!


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Titanic Manicure

Hit straight from the USA now available in our salon!

45 minutes of application         4 weeks of durability

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MYscara - Innovation in eye lash styling
The best treatment in 2011 according to ‘Beauty Finder’ – the biggest British, professional portal.


Applied to natural eye lashes in half an hour

Water-resistant and flexible

Lighter than a regular eye mascara

Increases the volume, extends and curves the natural eye lashes gently

Maintains up to 3 weeks

Ideal complementing of the 1:1 eye lash extension treatment – no need to worry about lower eye lash painting to equalise the effect!

Forget about:

           -          Smudged eyes during emotional moments, bathing or eye rubbing

           -          Evening eye make-up removal  and morning mascara application

           -          Mascara application (sticking the brush into your watery eyes)

           -          Asking your colleagues if by any chance your mascara got smudged

MYscara was developed in Great Britain in Caledonian Therapy Academy laboratories. It was released in June 2011 and afterwards recognised for its exceptional characteristics as one of the best treatments in the year 2011 by ‘Beauty Finder’ – one of the biggest British, professional portal.

At present MYscara intensively conquers the West European countries and since the end of December 2011 is also available in Poland.



As the only beauty salon In Krakow we introduce you to the alternative to laser treatment.

A professional system of a permanent reduction of hair based on a active complex of enzymes EpilFree.

                                                                                                      Comparison of the methods:

                                                                                                                     EPILFREE       LASER

          -          All kinds of hair (blonde, red, dark, grey)                                                          +                 -

          -          All kinds of complexion (light, dark, tanned)                                                     +                 -

          -          All age (even for teenagers)                                                                            +                 -

          -          All parts of body                                                                                            +                 -

          -          Completely painless (excluding the waxing)                                                     +                 -

          -          Safe in use (natural, floral active ingredients)                                                    +                 -

          -          No side effects (no inflammation, burn, sun spots, blisters)                               +                  -

          -          No limits in sun tanning (tanning allowed before and after the treatment)             +                 -

The series:

The number of repetitions depends on the phase of the hair growth – on average 1 treatment a month throughout the period of 4 months. It is advised to perform 2 to 10 treatments out of which the effects are visible after the first one of them. With every single treatment the amount of hair is receding. EpliFree system is applicable until a desired effect is achieved. This process is irreversible.


          -          open wounds and skin changes

          -          pregnancy

          -          breast-feeding


GELISH HYBRID MANICURE -  soak off nail polish

The Winner of ‘Innovative product Year 2010’ competition

Professional Beauty & Wellness 2010

An innovative soak-off nail polish. A compromise between nail painting and gel covering. It combines the simplicity of covering the nail plate with a traditional nail polish and colour resistance up to even 3-4 weeks. Opposite to gel it does not give a sense of being artificial, it does not chip off or break as well as it does not get pulled up by the air. Gelish nail polish is completely safe for the natural nail plate, it allows it to breathe and grow healthily which keeps it in perfect shape even after a long time or wearing it. It can be removed with a special preparation within only 15 minutes. It can be applied to both natural nails as well as extended ones using any of the known techniques.

Special offer!
New in Poland!
World-class trend!
Hollywood stars’ hit!


Available only in Magnetic Look salon

-    hypo-allergenic, 100% natural, without the addition of chemicals
-    the softest eyelashes you can ever imagine
-    looking as natural eyelashes
-    lasting longer than traditional, ‘synthetic’ eyelashes
-    giving you the ultimate comfort of wearing
-    beautifully curled
-    available in lengths between 7 up to even 17 mm!
-    animal-friendly, they are gathered by gentle combing of living minks coming from   przy tym breeding farms that does not cause any harm or life hazard to them

Enjoy our exceptional offer and beautifully styled, perfectly separated eyelashes without ‘sticking-together’ effect will become your greatest asset!
Enchant other people with the beauty of your look!
Feel this incredible comfort!
See for yourself how much time you can save thanks to them!
Call us today to arrange your visit!

Recommend us to your friends and family and you will receive a nice surprise gift!
Details in Magnetic Look salon.

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